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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Author Interview - Cheryl Wyatt

Today Author Cheryl Wyatt is on my blog for an interview. Cheryl's debut novel is A Soldier's Promise, published through Steeple Hill's Love Inspired division. I have a heart for historicals, but I couldn't put this book down. The characters are riveting and you continue to think about them long after you finish the story. I loved this book!

Each person who leaves a comment today will be going into a drawing for a free autographed copy of Cheryl's book.

Q: When you wrote "A Soldier's Promise" did you have a publisher in mind with guidelines or did you just let the story carrying your writing?<br>

Cheryl: I defintely had a publisher in mind. I targeted Steeple Hill from the onset of writing romance fiction. I had their guidelines in mind while writing the story. Also, after submitting it the first time, it was a romantic suspense. But my sort of suspense is more action-driven than danger-driven. So they asked me to revise it to either make the suspense stronger, or strip the suspense and aim for Love Inspired rather than Love Inspires Suspense. I stripped the suspense and strengthened the romance arc as well as deepened emotion and followed their suggestions explicitly. The revised version sold.

Q. Do you or any of your family members have any background in the miliary?

Cheryl: My dad was in the Marines. I was born on a military base in San Diego on Valentines Day in the middle of the Vietnam war era. So I'm convinced that has me writing military romance. LOL!

My dad was wounded in Vietnam during the most intense offensive at Da Nang in 1968, in addition to getting malaria. He wanted to stay and fight but he had to recover in a hospital in Japan. He got out of the military when I was young. I still have extended family on my husband's side who are currently serving. There is a long list of my family and my husband's family who have served in every branch, men and women. We both come from very patriotic familes who support the troops with our words and with prayer.

My husband's paternal grandfather was involved in the then-secretive SOCO division during WWII and still talks about his experiences. His maternal grandfather worked on planes with radar. My husband's two cousins are serving as well. One went through SEAL training but changed tracks and now flies F18s. His female cousin has recently been promoted to Lt. Colonel in the Army. Uncle Jimmy on my husband's side flew helicopters in WWII and has a silver star. His son is also a military helicoptor pilot. My paternal grandfather served in the Army. My maternal grandfather was involved in CC camps during the depression. Bob was in National Guard. Most of my uncles have served. There are more, tons more. We've had family deployed in every war in history I think. LOL!

Q. What do you like most about writing?

Cheryl: I love everything about it. I love the research aspect and character development best. Actually what I like best is when I've finished my mess draft and can start layering and deepening and fleshing out scenes. I love the challenge of finding plot-specific metaphors, analogies, etc.

Q. Do you have a faith theme message that seems to be popping up in your stories?

Cheryl: Mostly aspects of God's character in as far as how He relates to us in our brokenness. Emotional and spiritual healing seems to be cropping up frequently. Or healing of wrong thinking or distorted views we have about God as He really is, or distorted views of ourselves as He sees us. I guess seeing God and ourselves and our situations rightly is also a common theme.

Q. What would your readers like to know about you that they may not see on your website, blog or bio?

Cheryl: I am very God and family-oriented. Yet, I love and accept people whether they have a relationship with God or not. I have a heart to serve and mentor. My greatest gift is intercessory prayer and I look at my readership as an opportunity to have more people to pray for. I love to worship God more than anything. I feel so thankful that He receives my writing as worship, and that my words mean something to Him. I also have a heart for orphans, widows and outcasts. I love to laugh and have fun. I love music and often accompany my husband on sound gigs. He runs sound for nearly every major Chistian band out there and some secular bands. We love NASCAR and are often co-conspirators in practical joke tactical maneauvers. LOL!

Cheryl, thank you for being on my blog today. I'm really looking forward to reading your next book. The cover on your postcard looks great.

If you'd like to order A soldier's Promise, here's a link:

Also, you can find out more about Cheryl on her website.


I have this book and it has been great fun to read as well as some cry times. Thanks for the interview, Jennifer, you have some really good insights into the author listed here. Fantastic job on your book, Cheryl!
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Great interview. Thank you hosting it, Jennifer, and thank you, Cheryl for taking time from your schedule to do it.

My pleasure to be here, all. Thanks so much for your support. Jennifer, thanks so much for featuring me on your wonderful blog. I can't wait until you start selling.

Thanks for your kind words all! Your readership is a huge blessing.


Cheryl Wyatt

Very nice interview. I've got a big soft spot for military heroes.

Great interview. I love the different things I learn about you.

Great book and great lady!