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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ACFW Acquiring Editors

While at the ACFW Conference an editor panel was held to give each editor a chance to discuss what kind of fiction they were acquiring. I took a few notes and wrote down a some phrases that I heard editors say later in other workshops. Please be aware this is not a complete list as I couldn't write down everything.

Thomas Nelson Publishers
Allen Arnold, Sr. Vice President/Publisher
Natalie Hanemann, Associate Editor - looking for historical romance, softer romance.
Gave a presentation on "Slaying Seven Deadly Publishing Myths that Can Snare Christian Novelists." While I didn't make a list of all seven myths, I did capture a few important details.

  • Not every story has to have a life lesson.

  • God is comfortable with mystery, but humans are not comfortable with it. We have to be careful that we don't allow legalism to set in.

  • Christian fiction doesn't need to be the low-cost leader. ABA books are selling at higher prices with emptiness in them, while Christian fiction could be sold for quality because it has something great in it - God's glory.

  • People want to value Christian fiction more.

  • WaterBrook Press/Multnomah Publishing
    Shannon Hill, Fiction Editor

  • Tell a story that has the possibility of changing a life, but not telling the reader what to think.

  • Likes to be surprised

  • It's harder to sign full series anymore. It's better to sell a stand-alone book.

  • Think outside the box.

  • Bethany House
    Karen Schurrer, Fiction Editor

  • Enjoys stories with families that show caring.

  • Historical romance (90,000+ words)

  • Would like to expand into Regencies

  • Interested in character-driven historicals over plot-driven.

  • Zondervan
    Sue Brower, Senior Acquisitions Editor - Looking for contemporaries
    Gave a workshop on "Genre Trends" with Editor, Andy Meisenheimer.

  • Interested in realism, less coincidences in stories.

  • Less jargon using Christian language that only Christians will recognize and know.

  • Often see manuscripts that try to do too much in one book and contains too many crises.

  • If handled appropriately, divorce isn't no longer problem in Christian fiction.

  • Use Chicago Manual Style editing recommends, The Art of Fiction by John Gardner.

  • Editors Looking for Women's Fiction

  • Natalie Hanemann - Thomas Nelson Publishers

  • Ann Goldsmith - FaithWords, Hachette Book Group

  • Rebekah Nesbitt - Tyndale House Publishers

  • Krista Stroever - Steeple Hill

  • David Webb - H & B Publishers

  • Sue Brower - Zondervan (Contemporary)

  • Rebecca Germany - Barbour

  • Editors Looking for Historical

  • Natalie Hanemann - Thomas Nelson Publishers (Softer Romance)

  • Kim Moore - Harvest House (Soft Romance, Regencies)

  • Karen Schurrer - Bethany House (Regencies, Softer Romances)

  • Krista Stroever - Steeple Hill

  • David Webb - H & B Publishers

  • Rebecca Germany - Barbour
  • Sunday, September 23, 2007

    Back From ACFW Conference

    The ACFW Conference was wonderful!

    This was my first Christian writer's conference outside of RWA's mini-conference for FHL. As we sang songs of praise and worship to the Lord, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with thankfulness that I was able to be there, and regretful that I had not joined ACFW sooner. Everyone I met was so friendly, sincere, and welcoming. Members were helpful and uplifted each other. I met so many people I had conversed with online, and hopefully formed friendships I'll have for the rest of my writing career.

    The workshops were full of valuable information. Published authors shared experiences, testimonies, and knowledge. Editors and agents hosted tables at meals to give people a chance to chat with them and get to know them. Some gave out books, others allowed people to pitch, or send queries and/or proposals. God moved in the lives of so many people during this conference, and I was one of them. I feel like I'll never be the same again.

    Congratulations to all the winners of the 2007 Book of the Year and Genesis contests! While I didn't win in my categories, I was thrilled just to be a Genesis finalist. It was such an honor to place second in the Historical Romance category with Promised Blessings, and third in the Contemporary Romance category with By His Plan. A huge thank you to all the judges.

    My Agent, Terry Burns and myself

    Me with Author Tamera Alexander

    F.A.I.T.H. Girls: Christy, Jennifer, Angie, Mindy

    Members of my critique group: Dan, Tracy, Jenness, Cathy, Jennifer

    For more photos of my critique partners and the Faith Girls, visit our F.A.I.T.H. blog at

    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    ACFW, Here I Come!

    I went shopping last night. I bought a new pant suit, a dress, two pairs of shoes and a new pocket book. All were a must. I don't go shopping for myself very often so I take advantage of trips like this to shop. I started packing last night and my husband looked at me and said, "You're going to be here another two nights."

    "I know," I responded. He doesn't get the excitement. 

    Usually he travels with me and he and my daughter take a mini-vacation. They find things to do in the city while I attend writing workshops and network. Last year was my first trip without them when I went to the RWA national conference. It was held in Atlanta and I'm close enough to drive from NC. This year will be my second year going alone and my first time flying alone. I'm good. I think...

    Last night I started printing out my business cards and my one-sheets for each manuscript/series. Of course, the printer started acting up. I explained to hubby that I wouldn't have time to pack over the next two nights if the printer keeps doing this. It seems to be having some difficulty pushing the card stock through. According to the maintenance booklet I should be able to print business cards and cardstock paper. It's an Okidata digital color laser printer. I love the quality. If I can just figure out what's wrong with it when I print business cards.

    To all those going to ACFW, I can't wait to meet you in person!

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