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Thursday, March 29, 2007


My eyes are having trouble keeping up with my hectic schedule. I work a full-time job so my eyes are staring at a computer screen all day. Then I go home spend time with hubby and daughter at supper and I'm back on the computer until I go to bed. This time length varies from night to night, depending on other responsibilities. Then I'm back on the computer at 5am for another 2 hours before I head off to work.

This morning my eyes hurt. I dropped some Visine in my eyes and said, "Lord, will you help me?"

A gentle voice said, "that's like asking can I."

I realized asking "if He can" or "if He will" is asking with doubt. The writer in me began searching for the right words. As if in answer, that same gentle voice said, "just say please and then ask."So I said, "Lord, please help me."

The greatest author of all time cares about every single word. Jesus taught the desciples how to pray. The Holy Spirit is teaching me how to pray because He wants my prayers to be effective.

I am firmly convinced the Holy Spirit will teach us how to write and what to write. When our wells run dry of words, He will refill us. He wants us to be that effective.

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Well said, Jenn. I totally agree. Isn't God truly amazing?