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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Unpublished? You Still Need a Website or Blog

You can get by without having a website before you publish, but I can think of a number of great reasons that would be more beneficial to you if you have a website or a blog before you get "the call" or "the email." Here are some of the benefits that are already helping me.


  • If you wait until you get your publishing contract, then you will be scrambling to learn all the aspects of publishing and marketing your book and trying to learn things you could have already taken the time to learn. For instance, I'm not going to have a learning curve of using blogger, creating a website, updating and maintaining my website, submitting to search engines and directories, linking with others--these things will already be accomplished. All I'll have to concentrate on doing is writing and blogging about my experience and creating a realistic marketing plan. This will free me to learn the aspects of publishing I don't know about.
  • Some people leave comments and others don't. Some email me privately. They have questions or want to make comments on something I've written or one of my articles they might have read. I received a lot of comments from my "Angels on Earth" article regarding my daughter's seizure disorder on my website. That experience touched several people. By having a website and blogging, my writing is already touching people even though I don't have a fiction novel in print. That means more to me than I could ever explain. That is what I'm here for. To glorify THE CREATOR through my writing and God can use my writing through this online forum while I work hard and wait to get that publishing contract.
  • While this hasn't happened to me, some people have had editors or agents stumble upon their websites and were contacted for a proposal or hired to do freelance writing and "paid" for it. To me, this is a blessing where God "opens doors that no man can shut and closes doors that no man can open." We have to remember that we write for God and where something may be rare or impossible, "with God all things are possible."
  • Faithful blogging or posting to a website, can build readership for you. If people like your blogging style and your website, they may be willing to buy and read your books when they do come out in print. Remember, people crave information. Decide on the type of information you're going to provide. It has to be "useful" or "entertaining." Think about the types of websites and blogs you lurk around. What draws you to those sites? How can you create something similar, but different?
  • When you send out a proposal, editors and agents want to know if you already have a website. If you do, they will visit while they're considering representation. Your website is your professional image before and after you publish. With the exception of your proposal, your website is the first impression you'll make in marketing yourself. They want to know that you are serious and willing to put yourself out there and do what it takes to sell that novel if they take a chance on investing their time in you and your work.

  • I taught myself how to hand-code my website, but there are easy user-friendly software programs out there that you can purchase. Or you can hire someone to create your website for a small fee. I spend $25/year on my website, but I invest my time in updating it and maintaining it. I recommend hosting it with I have used this hosting service for six years or more and they've been great in meeting all my needs and offering more as technology increases and advances. They have great tutorials for first-time website builders.

    Your website presentation could be your first impression as a serious writer.

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    Great post, Jennifer. You are right on in this advice. Keep it coming.

    Good information Jennifer. I look forward to learning more! Keep your fountain of knowledge flowing!

    Thanks, ladies! I'll try my best.

    Okay, what's hand coding your website mean?
    Angie (obviously learning:-D )

    Okay, what's hand coding your website mean?
    Angie (obviously learning:-D )


    It means I don't use a website design software to develop my website. I build it from scratch using html codes on a word processor and upload them through a FTP (file transfer protocol) software.

    An example would be(I'm inserting spaces to show the code, otherwise it would hide the code):

    For italics the opening code is < i> and the closing code is < / i >.

    For bold the opening code is < b > and the closing code is< / b >.

    Hope that gives you an idea.