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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Call for Photos

I took a three-year break from my writing (that's another story) and only started writing again in October 2005. I didn't submit anything for publication until a couple of months ago. In September a Guideposts Magazine, Angels on Earth, will publish an article I wrote on my daughter's experience during a seizure.

Two weeks after they called to tell me my article had been accepted, they called back and requested photos. They wanted recent photos of me alone, my daughter alone, and of us together. Of course, I had no recent photos. Normally, I wouldn't allow so much time to pass without having photos made, but during my three year absence from writing, I was cut off from the world--or so it seemed.

I don't have a high resolution digital camera. So I went through all my photos and tried to find a few that would be acceptable. I emailed the publisher twice with two sets of photos. They kept calling me for more photos. Apparently, what I had sent them wasn't sufficient. I finally broke down and realized I needed to spend some money and have new photos made. I needed to find a photographer that would be willing to release the copyright for publication and whoever I chose--had to be affordable.

I called a few local places, but they wanted to charge a fortune for the copyright and they would only release a few poses. I hung up the phone that Sunday afternoon and began to pray that God would show me what to do. It wasn't long before I remembered that our church secretary had told me that her husband owned a photography business. I looked up their number in my address book and called them. I was so worried that he would be too busy as he works multiple jobs and is rarely home.

God worked a miracle for me.

He happened to be on vacation that week and could schedule me in the very next afternoon. By Monday afternoon, He took a combination of 25 new poses of me and my daughter with studio poses and outdoor poses. By Tuesday, I picked up 25 4" x 6" prints. By the end of the week a high-resolution CD would be ready and the copyright to all 25 poses would be mine. 

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